Internal Infinity Flooring by Savoro

Savoro flooring is possibly the most stunning internal flooring option available on the market today. As a direct competitor to Khan Dean, Amtico or the highest quality tiles, Savoro floors are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Savoro floors are installed in one piece to leave a seamless, maintenance free surface that is perfect for any room or platform. Just like our resin driveways, your colour options are endless so whether you want a rich warm feel or a cool contemporary look, Savoro have something for your needs.

As an accredited Savoro installer, Ox Resin are proud to delivery this system in our customers homes – we simply have not seen anything like this before and we love it when the mould is broken. This exiting new surfacing option really does tick all the boxes when you are looking for a quality internal flooring system.

What are the advantages of Savoro?

  • Seamless – No grout lines to see or maintain
  • Hygienic – Seamless finish with no areas to harbour germs
  • Colour Options – Bespoke colours and blends available
  • Highly Decorative – Aesthetically Stunning with gloss and glitter finishing options
  • Heat Transferring – If you are lucky enough to have underfloor heating, Savoro flooring will act as one large radiator under your feet and transfer the heat evenly throughout the floor
  • High Quality, Hard Wearing – Impact resistant from dropped utensils, Savoro Flooring is the strongest internal surface available.

Savoro Accredited Installer

The internal bound flooring is perhaps the most stunning flooring option to hit the market in recent years and has quickly become the most popular internal resin flooring for residential customers.

How long do installations take

Installations of Savoro Flooring can be completed within 1 day dependant on size but generally an installation is completed over 2 days.

What colours are available

The colour range is truly endless and the finish is incomparable with anything you would have seen before. Give us a call to view our samples and see it for yourself in the flesh.

Is it hard wearing?

This system is the most hard wearing flooring on the market today. It is the only internal flooring available that comes with a 20 year guarantee.

As more and more homeowners are moving towards clinical, contemporary flooring and away from traditional laminates and LVT’s, this internal resin flooring is quickly becoming a first choice to add a touch of class to any home.