Marble Effect Epoxy Floors

Epoxy resin floor systems are becoming increasingly popular are in the UK and we love them too.

There are a few different types of decorative epoxy resin floors and we are expert installers of them all, these options include:

  • Solid Epoxy Floors
  • Subtle marble effect resin floors
  • 3D Resin Floors
  • Epoxy resin with floor graphics

If you have some ideas, give us a call our designers are creative and will ensure that what you imagine your new flooring to be becomes a reality.

Our epoxy installations are extremely high quality and the look and feel of the installation is simply down to the quality of the epoxy resin.

We are one of a handful of installers in the UK that are accredited by the Worlds largest epoxy resin manufacturer and supplier – Epoxy Plus

Epoxy Plus Logo

But why do we choose Epoxy Plus products?

We only use genuine Epoxy plus products for one simple reason – they are the best.

You may see epoxy resin floors on the internet and wonder why some look much better than others – well epoxy plus have developed their epoxys to the highest standard and the pigments and blends mix together in a way we have never been able to achieve using any other epoxy products – trust us, no other resin compares.

What does ‘Solid Epoxy Floor’ mean

A solid epoxy floor is one which is one single colour and is mostly used for commercial or factory flooring. Solis epoxys are cheaper than the designer epoxys because they do not need to hold the properties necessary to create, for instance a marble effect floor.

What is the difference between a designer epoxy a marble effect floor.

Designer epoxy floors and marble effect floors are almost the same but let us explain.

Designer epoxy floors are simply resin floors created using designer epoxy materials. Due to it’s fluidity you can create many different effects and the most popular effect on the market today is the ‘marble effect resin floor’.

What are 3D or graphic resin floors?

3D and graphic floors are epoxy resin floors with a graphic that is carefully placed on top of the designer epoxy floor and then sealed in.

Using a 3D graphic gives the effect of things jumping out of the floor but most installations we do are business logos or favourite princesses and superheros in childrens bedrooms.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin floors are a long lasting and very hard wearing alternative to traditional alternatives such as tiles and are a perfect solution for anyone looking to install a highly decorative, easily cleaned and extremely hygienic surface.

We can usually give you an estimate over the phone for epoxy resin installations.