Artificial Grass & Lanscaping

No Mud, No Mess and No Mowing. With beautiful spring fresh shades artificial grass stays great all year round. No feeding, watering or annoying brown patches – Just lush green grass. Our real look and feel artificial grass will complete your garden design.

With a solid range of shades sizes and thatches you will be sure to find the all year round grass look you require for your garden or green area.

We love artificial grass, it’s fantastic. It allows you to enjoy your garden for another 100 days of the year when ordinarily you would be waiting for the soil to dry.

For those looking for a zero maintenance, ever green garden, artificial grass is your perfect solution and it looks lovely with a little bit of resin, porcelain or indian stone – which we can of course help you out with also.

To create an artificial lawn to the highest standard means exceptional preparation.  It is important that the area is prepared correctly and no shortcuts taken.

Our Install Process

Installing Artificial Grass
  • Remove existing turf or existing ground and dig down to 100mm below finishing level.
  • Install fixing batons around the perimeter and infill with grit sand until it is flush with the batons.
  • Next we install a permeable, geotextile membrane to allow water to permeate through but ensure no weeds can form.
  • After the membrane is in, we roll the artificial grass out roughly in its installation position and cut off any excess.
  • Once we are happy with the layout we screw the artificial grass to the perimeter batons.
  • Finally we pour kiln dried sand evenly around the grass and brush in.