Resin Bound Driveway Training Course



We believe our resin driveway training is completely unrivalled and once you are complete we offer a level of aftercare and support that is simply second to none.


Because you will be learning from active installers, we offer you the opportunity to lay a live project and gain valuable knowledge unavailable on any other course in the UK…and when the Great British weather doesn’t allow us to do this – we have the largest indoor training facility in the UK to ensure you lay a driveway before you leave us.

Resin Driveway Training with a BIG difference:

  • 1 Day and a 2 Day Resin Bound Training Courses available.
  • The UK’s only course led by time served tradesmen who are ‘on the tools’ and have laid over 800 driveways.
  • We have the largest practical training centre in the UK and you will lay a full driveway before you leave us.
  • You will not only gain a wealth of experience on the course but we also have an aftercare and support system that is simply not available anywhere else,
  • We can help install your first couple of projects to guarantee they go smoothly anywhere in the UK.
  • We can even help generate appointments in your local area to get you nice and busy,
  • We have used our experience to give you easy to follow project pricing sheets that breakdown your projects and allow you to easily quote and calculate profit.
  • Our resin bound driveway training is designed to set you up for life and we have no other motives other than being the best training provider in the UK – we do not supply materials at a mark-up and because we do not sell products to you, our advice is genuine and impartial.
  • Trust Us, there is no 1 stop shop for resin supplies…On completion of our course you will receive a full suppliers list and accounts with the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers – this gets you the very best prices and you will save £100’s on every install you do.

    £200 - 1 Day Fundamental Resin Driveway Training Course

    Our 1 day resin bound training course has been designed to allow businesses to train their members of staff without the business development and financial side of resin bound included.

    Although we believe our 1 day course is still the very best in the UK, as installers ourselves we recommend that at least 1 person from every organisation completes our two day advanced course to ensure at least 1 member of the team is trained to a standard that simply cannot be achieved on any 1 day training course.

    On this day you will gain a comprehensive understanding of…

    • Health and Safety
    • The benefits of Resin Bound Driveways with simple comparison table to show customers
    • 4 Sub Base Options
    • Standards, SUDS and Regulations
    • Material Calculation
    • Aesthetics and Blending
    • Installation of a Resin Bound Driveway
    • Job Roles and Responsibilities
    • Possible Problems, Troubleshooting and Solutions

    You will also lay the size of a 1 car driveway from start to finish in our custom built test area.

    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course

    £350 - 2 Day Advanced Resin Bound Training Course

    Our Advanced Resin Bound training course is by far the best training available in the UK today – this course is for those delegates that really want to get the most out of resin bound and want to properly prepare themselves for the resin bound driveway industry.

    Whether you are looking to add resin bound to your existing business or you are looking to start new a career in resin bound, our advanced resin training course is a must – We leave no stone unturned and you will leave this course fully confident and ready to install.

    On this resin bound training course you will gain a comprehensive understanding of…

    • Everything we teach on our 1 Day course PLUS…
    • More Advanced Resin Driveway Trowel Training
    • Comprehensive Site Surveying Training
    • Profit Calculations from Actual Projects
    • Advanced Marketing and Business Development Training Guaranteed to Fill Your Diary
    • ***Bonus Product*** Internal Resin Flooring Training
    • ***Bonus Product*** Rubber Crumb Training
    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course
    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course

    We have tried the rest, to bring you the best

    Why we can confidently claim our resin training course is the very best investment for you and your business.

    Ox Resin deliver resin training courses that have been meticulously developed by time served tradesmen who are considered the best in their field.


    With 100s of installs completed to date –  you will learn from genuine industry experience and unlike many other courses available, once you have completed our course, we are on hand and ready to help with your initial installs should you need it.

    We want to ensure you get the best possible start in the resin industry which is why our resin training course is the only course in the North of England that creates you an account directly with the UK largest resin and aggregate suppliers instead of selling products to you at a markup.

    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course


    The most comprehensive resin driveway training available in the UK today – don’t simply learn the theory, become an installer.

    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course


    Resin Garage flooring is reported to be the fastest growing market in the resin sector today – Learn the system and and establish yourself nice and early!

    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course


    Our Epoxy resin training course is the only resin training course in the UK that is approved by worlds leading supplier of decorative resin products, Epoxy Plus.

    Resin Bound Driveway Training Course


    Savoro flooring is the new alternative to laminate, tiles and LVTs and is set to take the flooring industry storm.

    Our Resin Training Course

    Resin Training - Practical and Theoretical Training that matters

    Our resin training course is comprehensive from start to finish and once you leave us, we are here to offer unrivalled after care and support which will allow you to sail through your future installations.

    Even after the initial training, you may still will want our help and its important to know we are here for you…and not just at the end of the phone, we can be on site and on the trowel if you need us to be.

    Our resin driveway training course teaches the correct methods of laying a resin drive as well as the best methods for laying your sub bases. Your resin surface is only as strong as its foundation and your sub base is the most integral part of the system.

    We are the only resin training provider that will give you an in depth knowledge of 4 sub base options that will help you confidently advise your potential customers correctly – this will in turn, give them confidence in you and help you generate more sales.

    We are also the only resin training provider who focuses on your trowelling technique as part of the course. All other courses in the UK have you practising in a small prepared area or on a tiny sheet of ply, do you think this is enough time, or the correct way to teach a trowelling technique? Us neither, which is why we make sure you get a varied assortment of practical training to ensure you leave us confident in your ability.

    Resin Driveway Training Course

    Better Resin Training

    We offer 2 courses, the first is our resin driveway training and internal resin floor training and the second training course teaches you how to install garage floors and decorative marble effect floors with epoxy resins.

    Too many resin training courses that are designed to train the basics and don’t have your best interests at heart – trust us, we have been on them all.

    We are different, we provide good, honest help and advice and we do not sell products to our trainees which means we have no ulterior motive to get you to buy products we make profit on – we believe we are the only training provider to offer this impartial advice

    Internal Resin Training Course

    We are very proud of our entire course and truly believe it is the very best in the UK at the moment – but what makes what we offer even more special is the fact we don’t simply stop with the resin driveway course – we also give you the tools to earn from internal resin installations.

    How will this make a difference to you and your business?

    1. You will be able to offer resin installations no matter the weather and with rainfall averaging 150 days each year in the UK, this significantly increases your earning capabilities.
    2. You can offer more services to every customer you acquire…this is a huge positive. Instead of completing a driveway and never see your customer again, you will be their first point of call when they have a new kitchen, or bathroom and believe us when we say – customers that like resin will get it everywhere if its an option.
    3. You will be able to offer a particular service that suits the customer to best. We have seen and repaired so many garage floors installed in the same method as driveways just because the installer has nothing else to offer – you can offer the right solution for your customer.

    Costing, Sales and Marketing

    As part of our resin training course we also give an in depth insight into costing your project correctly and we provide you with our specifically designed pricing calculator that does all the hard work for you and allows you to generate a quotation and calculate your profit within seconds.

    Once you have finished your course we also help you with marketing material, sales tips/training and even website help should you need it – we want you to leave us ready for business.

    Your success is ours too and we will do everything we can to make your start in the resin installation industry as easy and as profitable as possible.

    Trade Accounts / Discounts

    By attending our resin training course we offer something special, that NO OTHER TRAINING PROVIDER gives. When you complete our course you leave with accounts direct with the biggest suppliers in the industry.

    Every other resin training provider we know, provides training with the sole purpose of setting you an account up with them to buy all your future products through them – we do not do this – with us there truly is no middle man.


    Every member of the Ox Resin training team have a huge amount of passion for resin resurfacing and have personally carried out a wide range of installations all across the UK.

    Our experience and techniques have been perfected over years of trial and error so you really are coming to the right place for your resin training requirements.


    We understand what we have to deliver to ensure you are prepared and can successfully forge a career in the resin industry which is why we have done everything for you.

    Our team is made up of highly skilled and highly motivated tradespeople to ensure the Resin Training you receive meets and exceeds your expectations.

    Call 0161 207 0707 to reserve your place. Or complete the form below to register your interest.